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Some Things Are Better The 2nd Time. 

At ARS we’ve been producing top quality refurbished products for our customers since 1995 and have worked with the largest and most demanding clients in the industry, it's most likely that we are trained and certified by them.

Refurbishing the products you use everyday not only saves you money, it saves the resources it takes to build new products and preventing landfill and increasing profit. We've been doing this so long we have it broken down into a science. We know exactly which parts need to be replaced and have them in stock at all times. 

We've designed a custom refurbishment programs for some of the industries leading companies and have continued to refine and enhance this service over the last 5 years. This innovative approach has not only saved our clients over one million dollars to date but has also kept tons of trash out of our beautiful earth.

We're happy to discuss ​how we can fit into your current refurbishment plan or how to design one that best suits your needs. 

Maybe We Can Help

If we can handle the needs of the industries most demanding clients
maybe we can help you too?

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