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Celebrating 30 Year of Business!

Not many companies are fortunate or crazy enough to last 3 decades especially in the Restaurant Service business but we've just reached that milestone and we couldn't be more proud! In the early days, Frank Nedza our founder was working seven days a week by himself fixing restaurant equipment in his garage and installing it himself. Now we have a team of 15+ techs, half a dozen mechanics, a fully staffed office and warehouse to support our wonderful customers.

This October we surprised Frank with a Friday afternoon BBQ to commemorate this life & business milestone!

Over the past 3 decades we've served everything from Mom & Pop shops to the world's biggest restaurant chains like StarBucks, TGIF, Dunkin Donuts as well as the industries top B&G manufactures such as Bunn, Nesspreso, Mastrena and many more. Frank is being succeed by his son, Ryan who has grown up in the business and put his own spin on the organization. In the last 4 months we have renovated 6 StarBucks corporate locations, refurbished more machines than ever and kept up with our demanding service calls. It's been a wild ride and we are looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years brings us! Thanks for all your support and tech issues, we couldn't do it without you ;) Team ARS!

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