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Java & Juice on the Open Sea

Imagine having thousands of customers in one location without access to a Starbucks or WaWa and you are their only life line to their morning coffee, O.J. or cranberry juice o for their mixed cocktail... Sounds a little scary, doesn't it?

Now what if your machines didn't have a preventative maintenance plan in place and once you got out on the open seas and one by one your faithful coffee and juice machines start to malfunction or break down. How do you explain to the tired, irritated patrons that they can't have their morning cup of Joe or midday Screw Driver? They'd want to have your head! This kitchen nightmare has happened and it's not what something we'd wish upon anyone. Fortunately for the cruise ships leaving out of the port of New York no longer have that worry. For the last 2 years ARS has serviced and maintained all the Bunn, Nesspresso & Mastrena Machines for the worlds most acclaimed Cruise Lines; Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian & Princess to name a few! We keep the coffee flowing and the party going on the open seas! What is you Food or Beverage Service Challenge? Contact us now and let's see how we can solve it! 1.800.ARS.JAVA

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